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Project Life Week 33 and 34 plus a Giveaway

Today I am sharing what I did for my last two weeks of Project Life. I used Design G and A page protectors. I used Mixes of Thickers and small letters for my titles and some of my notes. I made sure to journal as much as I can as that is one of my goals I want to continue.

I also have been keeping a box of embellishments to the side that are to be used for Project Life and that way if I have them all in one place it makes it easier and faster when I am documenting a week.

Week 33 was full of  : 

-Trips to the mall for fun and lunch treat for my two youngest before starting school
-Entering Sassy in a Photo contest
-Finding out my favorite cupcake company is opening very close to me!
-Weekly stop at the library
-Cute nephews
-Seeing my SIL & her Fiance before their big day!
-Getting a beauty treat for myself
 -Celebrating my BIL's 30th birthday
-High School orientations invitation 

I made sure to include notes behind the pictures (using tags) also if  I needed to write anything extra  I labeled the back and used the labels to document about what was going in the image. I find it a good way to include more information when needed.

Week 34 was full of :

-Last trip to the library before school starts
-Celebrating all the reading we did throughout the Summer w/ Ice cream treat
-Cravings for Belgian Waffles fulfilled
-Back to school laundry
-Trips to the Merry Go Round
-Coney Island
- Organizing school supplies
-Sleepy Teenager
-Mama & Sassy pictures
-Saying goodbye to Neil Armstrong

I like to make sure I include newspaper clippings when something happens as I did with the passing of Neil Armstrong so the children will see it when they are older as right now they might not appreciate the meaning. Also this week I got pictures from my oldest perspective as he took pictures on a trip to Coney Island. Make sure to pass on the camera so that you can have other views from other family members as well.

Now speaking of cameras how about a little something for your camera? I have an extra Camera Wristlet Strap to giveaway. Please be advised I will only be able to ship only in the U.S. and Canada

Just make sure you enter using the Rafflecopter to win as it chooses the winner :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  I asked this on my photography blog but I'll ask it here as well have you let your children take range of the camera especially if you are doing Project Life have you included them in the process?

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