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RIght Now.

Hey all! Just wanted to post quickly & let you know what goes about here. As this blog is a place I document about life besides my scrapbooking.

I guess this is a  Right Now HONEST Style:

Time:  2:46 PM
Location: bedroom
Eating: Nothing but I am hungry... I think I still have a brownie in the fridge hmmmm
Drinking: Nothing totally need a Diet Coke right about now though.
Listening: My kids playing
Loving: Being able to figure out a way to purchase some things for the kids for school on this INSANELY tight budget.
Wanting: An Opportunity and Relief.
Needing:  Prayers. Going through hard financial issues but our Faith is great so if you are the praying type I'd be thankful for them.
Preparing: Schedule for the next Month, school stuff,bible study,blog posts and budgets
Thinking: How rough its going right now but know we have seen worse &a; this too shall pass eventually.
Making:  Blog Posts and trying to scrapbook a few layouts for deadlines.

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