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What we are watching at our House -Movie Reviews

Today I thought I'd share  2 movies my kids and I watched recently . For us Friday night is Movie night and this is what we snuggled & enjoyed.

The first one we saw was called  My Friend Bernard.

The movie actually has only one speaking part which is the narrator whom lets us know what everyone is thinking/feeling.
The film centers around a little shy boy named Sam who seems to be afraid of almost everything. Until one day a magical pendant from a mysterious man comes to him & comes to find out it opens up &brings forth  a magical giant tea cup whom has a squirrel for a driver and from there begins the adventure of  Sam being taken into different destinations where he has to learn to find his braveness in order to return home.

In mist of  the adventures he encounters a polar bear named Bernard as well as 2 penguins & a Chameleon. There are funny parts that give my kids giggles one being when Bernard the Polar bear is fighting w/the boy penguin over a fish.

As far as what my kids thought about this movie I would say that it would be better suited  for a younger audience as my 5 year enjoyed it but my 9 year didn't really feel as it was for him.

All 3 of us did agree that the title of the movies didn't match the movie although Bernard was part of the movie he wasn't the main character.

Out of 5 stars the kids gave it a 3 1/2

Now our next movie was Rockstars

This movie was about how it's not easy being a lowly earthworm and what seems to be part of the bottom of the food chain.  The main characters are Gloria and Barry and they have a dream of becoming Rockstarts although nobody could believe it be possible.

Both of my children really enjoyed this movie and were up and dancing to the singing  & singing and giggled throughout it.

They cheered them on and I loved watching them interact with this movie. Overall it was a fun movie  that has a good lesson behind it. If you dream it and believe in yourself anything is possible.

My kids gave it 4 1/2 starts out of 5 & this time around my Son said YES the title of the movie made sense.

If you are interested in seeing these movies yourself they are available at Target,Walmart & Redbox

Disclaimer : We received these movies for review only no monetary payment was given to me.
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