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I Want To Remember

I was very much inspired by Ali's post and wanted to do something similar but since I am started my Gabi's Kindergarten album (will share next week what I am creating)  I decided to do it about her 1st day of school picture :

-How excited you were to start your 1st day of Kindergarten
The way you asked me if I was proud and how my heart was bursting because I could not be any prouder
You had Buttered Toast  & Milk for Breakfast
You asked for your hair to be loose as it was a special day.
That you had Isaac there to walk with you & bring  you to his Kindergarten teacher who would be yours
That you couldn't wait to get into the classroom and weren't the least bit nervous
Seeing you get off the school bus with the biggest of smiles
How you told me all about your day and how you couldn't wait to go back
That time has flown by so quickly and I feel so blessed to have you and your brothers and cherish each and every moment.

Tomorrow I shall be sharing my what I've done w/Project Life & winner of my last giveaway as well.
 If you have kids how was their 1st week of school and how are they feeling about their new year?
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