Project Life : Week 36 - Adventures With Ellie

Project Life : Week 36

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This week it's all about numbers focusing on everything that had to do w/time,dates and anything as such. It was the first week of school so it was good to document. There were lots of first as well.


This  past week was full of  :

-1st day of High School
-1st day of Kindergarten
-1st day of 4th grade
-1st time riding a school bus for Gabi
-1st time walking alone to school for Ram
-Meeting new friends

Enjoying seeing Gabi experience new things that Isaac already did with the same Kindergarten teacher and school.  Also this week the crockpot got some love w/some BBQ Ribs.  Love Fall and can't wait what fun we have.

There was also Ram and his HS experience who well let's say has been a bit bumpy.  We never recieved his schedule before school started, when my husband went to ask the 1st day of school (before it started) what his homeroom was they gave the wrong one and Ram had to go on a search to find the correct one.  He has no lunch period every other day, which means he has to run to the cafeteria grab some food and return back to music class.  The Cherry on top is his ID.. can you you see what is wrong w/it? YES it says he was born in 1988.  That would mean a 23 year old 9th grader but through all the hiccups my boy is doing awesome I think I am more upset then he is about the whole thing. I am so proud of him.

To end the week the Jets won their first game of the Season.  Had to include that since it's my Hubby's team, me I just hover about when games are on for the food.  Last but not least I  had a little helper putting this week together my little guinea pig George.

That was our week. This week I must has been about getting into the grove of things and can't wait to share. How about you did you have any adventures or new experiences this past week?

(not Tuesday but I thought I'd join the fun!)

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