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Sweet Memories

This week I'll be joining the gang from Thesitsgirls w/a little Fall Blogging Event. Today's prompt was to share a great school story that you haven’t shared. For me I want to share a memory about a special sweet and amazing little boy (well not so little anymore) who happens to be having a Birthday today. My amazing and beautiful son who turns 14 today (wow I write and have said it but can't comprehend how it's happened so fast)

So let's see if I can share this without choking too much while I write. I remember the 1st time my Ramz had to take the bus alone in 1st grade. During Kindergarten he was in the same place I was as I worked at the school he went to.  I got to see him and even helped plan his graduation. The following year I was blessed to get another job and enrolled him into the school I had dreamed of having him be a part of which was our Parish Church School.

I remember how nervous I was thinking about having my little baby getting on the bus alone, how I thought how he'd be nervous about going to a new school and not knowing anyone. How I wouldn't be right there if he would need me like the previous year.

I remember waking up early and preparing his breakfast and rechecking his uniform and when I went to wake him up he looked at me with the biggest of smiles and said "will you be OK today?" Here was this sweet little 5 year old asking me if "I" was going to be OK. That is when I knew he would be OK.

Walked him to the bus stop and took this picture before he left. I actually never shared it as it was in a roll that was printed & I finally got a chance to turn it digital and made this page for him.

 I am so proud of everything he has accomplished so far. From the day I sent him on his own I pray daily that he may know how much we love and support him in all he does.

So not only is today about reliving this sweet memory but a reminder for me to see how much he's accomplished so far and how much more wonderful things are yet to come. Love you my Ramzees !

How about you do you have a sweet school memory you'd want to share with me?
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