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5 Favorites of the Week

Today I thought I'd share five things that have made me smile and hope it will do the same for you.

Starting with the Studio Calico Album Inserts  :
These have really been fun to use. I haven't been using them the traditional way as you would expect by just putting them into albums. One example was on my previous post where I showed a layout using one of the inserts cut down. I am using them as well in my Gabi's School Project Life album and I'll share soon what I have been up to with that. 

Next is something I have almost everyday an Iced Pumpkin Latte from Dunkin Donuts  something I look forward to once the Fall comes around.

Isn't it beautiful? I get giddy just thinking about having one which I already did this AM when I went out w/the littles for breakfast.  Is this one of your favorites too?

Next is a little Etsy store that I love. It's called Creative Place

I love all of Ashley's stuff and she is amazing and always has such fun things in her store (and her blog) 

I ordered one of these Confetti sheets to include in my December Daily this year.

as well as some other little goodies to include in my album.

Another of my favorites this week well a favorite since I purchased it months ago is my Jimmy Fallon Wake up App

Seriously, I think if you have to get up what a better way then get up giggling. I have it set so it has a random message everyday  & the snooze ones are the funniest and I end up getting up for the most part in a better mood for it.

Now last but not least my favorite of the week that I am loving is Amazon Instant Video
which I can watch on the XBOX.

 To be honest my boys were the ones who told me hey you know you can watch that movie (the New Tinkerbell movie) on the Big TV w/Gabi and not on your laptop right?  Yay for Tech Savvy kiddies. 

So those are my favorites of the week. How about you what are some of your favorites this week?

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