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For The Love of the Game

Last night as I was sitting listening to my Ram comment on the baseball game that was on and overheard him talking about what the pitcher was doing I couldn't help myself remember his 1st time pitching this past Summer.

This past season was a whole new ball game with him. He finally was in the "Big League" even with all the years he had played this was a new era for him.  Different rules, a different field, further distances between the bases to reflect him playing with High School aged kids.

I remember walking with him to meet his teammates and him coming back after practice and saying "These kids are 16 and up" (at the time he was 13) "Mom there are kids here who can throw a 92 mph fast ball." "How can I hit that?"  I made sure to reassure him and s"ay Ram you got this. Remember if you love this game then just give your all and let it flow."

Little did I know how much those words would be taken to heart. A week later after practice he came home and told me "Mom Coach said I am going to pitch." I was taken a back because he had never pitched. I asked "Are you serious?" "You want to pitch?" as he's always had played either on 2nd base or short stop I didn't think he'd ever want to be on the mound.

He looked at me and said "Mom For the Love of the Game." Soon the weekend had arrived and it was time for him to get on the mound. I remember him being nervous but not wanting it to show. I remember how our family came out to support him.

As he walked on to the mound I felt myself just tearing up and my heart beat as fast as I bet his was.  The family,fans & I cheered. On the other side where the fans for the other team sat all looked perplexed with all the cheering that was going on. Usually it's pretty low key at the older kids regular games. Especially with a pitcher just getting on the mound.

With the first pitch I swear my heart went w/the ball.. Strike one.. you would have though it was the World Series with how loud we screamed and jumped up and down.

Ram looked at us and gave us that smile and then focused again at his task at hand. My heart just burst. "GO RAM GO"  I screamed in the mist of my hidden tears. There is nothing more that I treasure then seeing my kids doing something they love and it shining through.

I of course had my camera and composed myself enough to capture him in action. I decided since he's going to be trying out for the school team this year I might as well get prepared and made this for me to get ready. I am pretty sure I'll be needing it for his first HS game.

If you are curious about what happened with his game he did end up pitching for a bit longer but was taken out 3 innings later because the other team started to figure out his pitching. We did end up with the win and Ram got the game ball as it was his 1st time pitching. Amazing day indeed. 

After the game he said "Mom I like pitching but I think I'll guard the diamond at shortstop." With that I replied "That's just fine with me as long as you love what you do I will be the loudest cheerleader in the stands."

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