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Catching Up - Project Life Week 44 and 45

Today I've had a chance to take some pictures of my weeks that I hadn't shared from our Project Life. It's been crazy around here (OK when isn't huh ha) but with the hurricane and getting back into our regular routine I've had to just document and keep notes until I was able to sit down and put it all together.

Let's start with our Week 44 ( October 29th- November 4th)

 These were my Nov.4th pictures. The drawing was my little girl who made this on the computer and told me it was to pick it for the picture of the day and how could I not. I also had extra pictures of my oldest that my husband had taken while at work as he took him with him. I included these too. I cut a Simple Stores Page protector

This was the week we got Hit by Hurricane Sandy so I documented how we kept busy during and after. Sadly there really wasn't Halloween for my kids this year so I am even more thankful that we had some fun the week before so it wasn't so bad. After the storm I had let my kids get dressed in their costumes and we had some fun outside.

It was fun to take some pictures of my Littles having fun playing in front of our house. You'd never know that just across the street there was a fallen tree. All in all once again I have to say I feel so blessed because we just had minimal damage and most important we were all safe and sound.

Moving right along here is our Week 45 (November 5th-11th)

This week we had a Nor-Eastern snow storm as if the Hurricane wasn't enough! That meant more days of school being off and being home. It was time again to Vote as well. (I left some space so my husband can write his journal as he wanted to do so)
 This year I actually went w/my husband at the same time as he had the day off it was nice to do something so important together.  We also sent away Gabi's American Girl doll to the "Doll Hospital" for some needed TLC as she's had her since she's been one year old.  

While the two younger kids had school my oldest High school was closed so he ended up going out with me it's nice to have time together being it usually is crazy and the littles take a bit more of my time since they need more of my help.
I of course had to capture a few pictures of the kids in the snow as it was the first of the season. It was enough for them to make a snowgal (of course my little girl said it had to be a girl) Also my little one is learning to read and it's always amazing to see them do so. I love her reading and recognizing the words. It's so wonderful to witness.

Well that was our past two weeks. Full of events that I am happy I was able to capture. I can't believe this year is almost over. I am excited to start documenting yet another year. Love what Project Life has brought into our lives and the way it has made me stop and remember the small details in our everyday life.

How about you? If you are doing Project Life will you start again for the new year or will you take a break?   

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