Project Life : Week Forty -Two - Adventures With Ellie

Project Life : Week Forty -Two

Finally getting a few minutes to share what I have been up to with my Project Life I figured I can just post the weeks I've completed over a couple of days.

Today I'm sharing how I documented Week Forty-Two. Those were the dates of 10/15-10/22

Since I am part of the Project Real Life Classes I've been taking to heart how I document my weeks and as I had mentioned before I have been able to document more in dept what has been going in our days. 

 This week included : Making new and favorite recipes, Flowers from Hubs, after school playtime, Birthday cards for our Fluffy boys (Guinea Pigs), Safety Fire Week at School, Fun w/Fall Leaves, High School Musical Try-outs and baby doll love.

We did have a very full week which I totally love how busy but time we make for each other. Hubs surprised us and took us all out to Lunch to Friendly's (the kids favorite) and I had taken the Littles out for Breakfast as well.  We also bought the kids Halloween costumes which was so fun. 

To end the week we went to "Spooky Feast" which is around our house. Where they had lots of Halloween fun including 3 Halloween Trails going from Not Scary to Super Scary.  The boys and my Husband did the two scary ones while Gabi and I went to the sweet one.  After they ended up coming with us and we all went together again. I of course had to save the tickets and included a journal card behind our tickets.

As you can see I included a picture of the show Once Upon a Time because it has become a little Mama & Daughter date each Sunday. We LOVE that show. I wanted to journal about it and instead of doing as I have been doing which is writing behind the picture I too my 1/2 inch. circle punch and puched half the circle and added an arrow from my core kit on a journal card and placed it behind.

 I will be sharing my next week very soon. At the moment I am busy cleaning up the leaks from the damage we substantiated from Hurricane Sandy and the Snow Storm we had yesterday (our Roof is has some damage) but blessed we are all OK and if you could please keep those who are still being affected as I know till this day there are people with no power and displaced and lost of homes.

Next week I hope you will  join me as it's my Birthday week and I will be having a Daily Giveaway showcasing my favorite companies. I can NOT wait!

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