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10 Goals for 2013

Can you believe we are less then two weeks away from the end of the year. I really would like to know who pressed the fast forward button for this year.

This year for me personally I have learned to see my One Little Word almost daily. I had chosen : Perseverance  as my word.

With that word came going after my dream I haven't fully accomplished what it is I am working towards but feel as if I am in the right track. I did start to work on myself physically and acquired  that goal but like many I know that once I reached where I worked so hard I slacked off and well fell back a bit and that is something I want to work on this coming year. To know that it CAN happen again and it will and be healthy and conscious of what I put in my body.

This coming year my One Little Word will be : Accomplishment  To me that word will represent every new step I take into attaining my goals. I hope by working hard I also am an example to my children that what you set your mind to and work hard for can happen.

So with that this is my main 10 goals that I wish to work on for 2013:

1) Start Running again. I found this was the key to helping me with my weight going down. At first I admit I was thinking WHY am I running I hate running but as the weeks went by I fell in love and would miss doing it.  Being able to run a 5K like nothing was something I was so proud and so happy to do. It was my time to release any stresses. I miss running. I need to start all over again because truth be told I'd pass out if I would do a mile right now!

2) Project Life 2013 If you visit my blog then you know what this means to me. This will be my 3rd year doing this for my family. It is something I cherish so much. I hope that I am able to capture as much as possible for my children so they will be able to share these albums with their children and they will have a window to look and relive their childhood.

3) Work on Blog - Have you noticed that my blog addy changed? If you are still putting in Scrapbookmamaof4kidz.blogspot.com to get to be it should automatically change over to Adventures With Ellie. Why the chance well for one I think it's about time. I want my blog to represent what I am about and my life REALLY is an adventure as I bet all of yours are. I feel blessed with my life and hope that in this coming year I get to grow my blog into what I have been focusing which is growing my brand and sharing things I love and hoping I inspire along the way to perhaps make you stop and join along with something I might have shared.

4) Increase my Blog Following. Is that silly. I almost feel silly writing it but I guess if I write it I have to work on it because I'll look back at this time next year and see if I was actually able to do it. I don't want people to follow my blog just because it's something part of a giveaway that has to be done. I want someone to really like my content on my blog and want to keep up w/me and what I might be sharing.

5) Get back on the submitting wagon.  This one touches me deep. Truth be told I actually had put this in the back burner because truth be told I felt burned out and felt as I couldn't capture anything anymore worth submitting. I know it happens we all get burned and think this but seriously I felt as if everything I was making was all wrong. I also have to remember it took a year before my 1st card was ever picked up. So dusting myself off and getting on that wagon. Remind me of this one will you guys please? :)

6) Make Video Tutorials. Another one that makes me nervous BUT will do. I think I am like the ultimate goof and am the first to admit it. I've done videos before and I crack up at myself but I want to try again. Let's see if I manage to do this. I'd like to do a video every two weeks maybe. WOW I'm even shaking writing that ha

7) Write weekly Letters to my children. I actually have letters I've written to each of them but it's been only for their 1st year. With both  my little girls both of them I had a journal I would write to while I was expecting.  I am especially grateful that I had a journal for our Anjelique because it was a place I would also write to her after she passed which helped me deal w/my grief and in it I saw my faith open up and grow because of her.  I think it will be a wonderful thing for my kids to have later in life.

8) Work on my Bucketlist. This past year I got to do a couple of things that is on that list and wow  was it so fun. I did some w/my kids which made it that much more special. This year I am hoping I can cross out some of them as well.

9) Read my Bible More. This one I worked on this year but I feel I could do better and more. I want to be able to read and understand what I am reading. That is why love doing Hello Good Mornings  this past year I was part of it and it helped me so much can't wait to join again.

10) Enjoy the Little Things. This I am happy to say and be blessed that I have this past year and I hope to continue to do so. I have learned the happiest moments come from just being together this year taught me to be very so thankful for the smallest of things and that I will never take for granted. I'll remember that when my boys are screaming at each other and my little girl has taken my makeup and it's all over the bathroom mirrors and the trash is over flowing because nobody seems to want to put a new bag :)

*Bonus one is Work on my Photography. Being able to experiment and learn w/my camera has brought me me so much happiness this year. There is still much more I want to learn and accomplish with that and hope I get the change to grow and learn much more.*

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