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My Fabulous Two

 As I am getting ready for the new year I am trying to organize my work space YET again because when the storm hit I had to move my work area. In the process I have been minimizing so that when I need to work on a project it will be that much more simple.

Today I want to share a page I created of a few pictures of my boys that I had taken of a little photo shoot I did with them. These were the ones I am going to use for our Title page for Project Life 2013 although I changed the profile view of them. (I'll share my title page next week)

This page using bits and pieces of my favorite things : badges,die cuts, washi, wood veener, arrows and my boys.

I really loved that I had these black and while pictures and adding these elements with spots of color I think made it pop even a bit more.

This page makes me smile every time I look at it. They are growing so fast. Love them dearly. Now before I leave a little reminder about my giveaway I have going on.

I had posted about my goals for 2013 and am working on them already. Also I wanted to let you know that I have had plenty of entries but to be honest I don't really think its my awesome and wonderful readers that are entering.

*The first way to enter the contest is to leave a comment & there have been NO comments as of yet*

For that being the case when  I DO chose the winner I will make sure that I check that 1- it's not an "Egg twitter person" That they have at least commented once on my blog somewhere and are following me here or on FB or Twitter.

I don't want to be awarding just any person who saw a giveaway is going on and want to enter because I don't think that is fair to my loyal readers who actually take the time and see what I might be up to.  OK off my mini blog soap box!

Now I'm curious what are you plans for New Years Eve? For us we shall be in our PJ's and I hope to have some yummy treats for us as we wait along w/board games.

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