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BREAKING NEW : Seafoam Core Kit is available

Yes it's that's serious. Seafoam Core Kit needs it's own blog post. I don't know about you but from the moment I saw the glimpse of this collection I KNEW It would be how I wanted to document 2013

These are what is included in the core kit. I LOVE these colors and I actually have the digi kit of it as I wanted to get started on my Week 1 of 2013.

I also ordered the patterned paper as I want to use it this year as for the past 2 years I was using what I had at hand this way I can coordinate the kit that much more in our album.

How about you have you ordered your Core Kit yet? I know that Olive was avaiable as well and the childhood Mini kits (which I hope to get on once I get started w/my Main Project Life  Along w/a

I am thinking of using the Mini albums for my Boys baseball season that is coming soon.  Since I always have lots of things for them both it will be nice to have a separate album just for that.

Can't wait to hear if you ordered any of these two collections or are you waiting on any of the others or are ready to go w/your own kit you might have created.

I hope my order is here early next week I just can't wait. I promise I didn't forget about sharing my last 2 weeks of Project Life it's been crazy around here and thank goodness we just got news that our floors are getting redone and it will start TOMORROW! So if I go MIA for a little bit you know why!
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