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Drop It Like it's Hot

Happy Wednesday all. Wow I can't believe it's been a week since I've come and said hello.Then again with all that has been going on around my little world I'm happy to be able to post today.

Glad to report our floors are done! I love them SO much if you might be following me on Instagram then you would have seen the happy process. Now to start to get everything back in order.

In the middle of getting our repairs done my scrap area has been in boxes but I didn't want that to get in the way of keeping up with Project Life

Enter Dropbox which has been awesome in helping me get my pictures into my computer.  As many who are doing Project life I use mostly Instagram pictures to tell our daily happenings but in order to get them into my computer to get them ready for printing I usually hook up my Ipod to my computer and download but during me putting everything in boxes so did my wire I use to do so.

That is when I discovered Dropbox. I had heard of it but never really put any attention. Come to find out it's the answer to my issue! It's free to download on your Ipod/Iphone and you can download your pictures and organize them as you wish! It made getting my pictures together so easy.

Plus I love that when I did get a chance to download my pictures from my DSLR camera it allows me to organize them and put them into the folders I had created.  It's actually shorted the time I took to work on my 2nd week. I just need to go print them (which I'm working on) and put everything together.

No, not getting paid or anything for posting about Dropbox just wanted to share something to make the process of Project Life that much easier  and maybe it can help you too!

With that being said would you like a peek at my Week 1? See I was able to download this picture I had taken w/my Ipod.

I'll share my whole spread tomorrow as I wasn't feeling too well today and actually stayed in bed all day.  The weather we are having did not help it at all either.  I hope getting a bit a rest was just what I needed. I did get the flu shot this week too so maybe that has to do w/it too. 

What about you are you caught up w/Project Life so far?  Week 1 was all about someone's birthday (can you tell who?)
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