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Social [Media] Butterflies Hop

Welcome to another month with the Social [Media] Butterflies. This month we had the theme of time which I really thought was funny being I keep chasing after it since it seems to be going way faster then I like.

For my layout I actually wanted to work w/one of the pictures from the morning of my little girl's birthday. My oldest son & I decorated her room while she slept and this was one of the pictures of her as she woke up and started to realize what we had done for her.  How I wish I could freeze time sometimes. I can't even believe that my little baby is six years old already.

I remember the day she was born.. Oh but now let me not get melancholy on you guys. Now since our theme was time I decided that I would use that as a challenge to myself. Not only did I only give myself an hr. to do the layout but only allowed myself to pick from this package I have of yummy Amy Tan products. Besides the bag I had my paper cutter and adhesive and I had to get at least one Mr.Huey's Mist bottles.

In this bag I also have all my pictures that I want to scrapbook which right now is basically my little girl's bday. I am planning on just making her own album which I really think could fill since her birthday this year was a whole week of celebration with enough pictures to match.

It was fun to add all these pieces together to document what I was feeling. On the tag I jotted down my journal that way it wasn't visual but when Gabi get's older she can read what I wrote to her.

Next up is Kristin with her turn at the blog hop. Also remember if you might get lost along the way to go to the our main blog and start from there!

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