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Better Late then Never

 I had been thinking should I document this pregnancy online I really hadn't done this with any of our babies and being this will probably our last sweet little one. I said I'd give it a go. I am doing an album for our Sweet Bean but this will be more of a little sharing and documenting as for me this is so important to be able to do. 

So here goes nothing. I'll be sharing every couple of weeks as our little Blessing grows. I feel so blessed and LOVE that I am having this little cherished gift from our Lord to join our family. 

             My new fav. shirt Hubby had gotten me (17 wks here) yeah I need pics w/my face in it huh too ha.

How Far Along:  18 Weeks

Size of the Baby: Bell Pepper (I giggled when I saw this)

Maternity Clothes: YEAH for Ebay. I've gotten a couple of pair of brad new jeans for less then 10 bucks an they fit really cute. Also a couple of brand new tops. I figure why send crazy money on clothes that will not be fitting me in less then 6 mths!

Weight gain: About 7lbs

Sleep: Sleep is interesting although even before baby bean I've been a bad sleeper. My usual "up time" is 2-4 am EVERY night it's been this way for a long time.

Movement: OH yes this little bean is a wiggle worm lots of moving about and "pushing or could it be my hips expanding but I'm like HUH your #5 what more do my hips need to expand?!

Food Cravings: Well for this past week it's been beef patties w/cheese go figure but I did just text Hubs to bring me a box of Crunch a Munch Ha

Gender: Don't know but it's funny at my house w/the kids the boys are saying boy but feel girl and Gabi says she wants a girl but it might be a boy.. I am thinking boy maybe? I don't know as long as we have a healthy sweet little one I am over the moon. I plan on doing a SUPER fun little reveal for the kids next month that I can't wait to document.

Belly Button in or out: In (none of my babies made my belly button pop so I'm thinking it will stay that way?)

Anything making you queasy or sick: My husband makes this INSANE YUCKY looking protein health shake in the AM OH MY GOSH.. yuck! lol.. Curves on streets in the car while we are driving OH DUDE.. not cool. Eating too early in the AM, eggs, & cloudy days (No I'm serious.. if there is a cloudy day my day is doomed- what's UP w/that?!?!)

What I miss:
My energy I have had a few spurts where I've been actually been able to go do all I've wanted BUT end up paying for it at the end of the day. Having 3 kids all super busy and trying to keep up w/the house has been hard. I feel bad at times because I want to do so much stuff w/the kids but have to keep it to the min. now.. sigh.. they are so good to me though Love my babies!

What I am looking forward to: Feeling the Bean REALLY kick and having the kids feel it and seeing their faces when they do #LOVE

Emotions: Overall I'm still the same I do catch myself getting a bit emotional when I pause and just have to give praise and thanks to our Lord for my family but then again I always do get emotional when I think/pray about that. Right now I am just feeling blessecd and so thankful. 

(also a thanks to Brittany who gave me the idea into jumping on documenting )
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