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Project Life Happeings Around Here

I thought I'd come and share what I have been doing as it's been a while since I've updated on how my Project Life is going this year.

Happy to say I am just about caught up with our Family Project Life. I had been sticking stuff into my album until I was ready to work on it because early in my pregnancy I really couldn't seem to find ANY energy. It's a bit back but now I need my energy for our super busy schedule which if your a regular visitor of my blog then you know it's baseball season and this year all three of my kids are playing.

I actually have decided that I will work on 2 weeks at a time because I've be sending my pictures off to Persnickety Prints as I've been experimenting with different sizes.

Here is just a few pictures of what I've been up to. I'll be sharing week 12 and 13. For Week 12 (and a few others in the album) I only completed one page protector instead of the usual 2 that I fill. I finally decided that it's OK to only fill one as long as I have enough of the week documented that makes me happy.

 Week 13 fell with my youngest son's birthday in the mix.  I used lots of different pictures/sizes to document his birthday.  He wanted to go to the Empire State building and so that is what he and I did for the day. It was so much fun to have a day of him and I alone. I loved seeing how happy he was to cross it off his bucket list.

 (I also included lots of double layering in order to tell a couple story like this when went to the DMV and my oldest actually fell asleep while we waited!)

 (My oldest skateboarding had a first  "crash" and again I layered to document about what happened)

 I really am loving the Persnickety Prints Polaroid because I am able to document on the pictures which has helped me document more as well.

 These pictures are 5x5 pictures which were really fun to play with. I actually have 4 of these sizes but wanted to share these to give you go a peak at different sizes I used.

Besides our Family Project Life Album I also have been working on my Gabi's album. I must say that I am SO happy for Dropbox because it really has keep me in order as each of my pictures when I download them I can just put them in order and they have the date of the pictures which makes going back and documenting so much easier.

I still am working on this album (as you can see there is a spot open which I plan on journaling.) I am going about scanning her work and drawing and breaking down what I will be putting in it. I also decided not to use the traditional month dividers and make my own using her school work as well as personalizing to section off the months. 

I decided to have a special section in Gabi's album a place of all the books she's read so far throughout her school year. Each week they take out a book and I take a picture of it. NOW I can put it in her album and we can see what she read.

I plan on jotting notes once I have the rest of the book cover pictures printed and document. Good thing Gabi has an AWESOME memory and she actually remembers each book!

Then last thing I am doing is working on a baby book for our Blessing I'll share more about that later on. I am using a Studio Calico Handbook Album as it's 6x8 and it's the perfect size.

Here is just the first page of what I've done :

 This album I'll keep more personal and for us until after our Little blessing is born (thus is why the sono is blurred)  I actually will share a few other things I've done in this album on another post as I've share LOADS of other things I did but I  don't want to completely overwhelm you. (The flair was made my awesome Joscelyne who made these and a batch of other personal flair that I LOVE! )

I love Project Life and what it has meant for our family to be able to have our daily lives documented. How about you ? How has it been going this year for you?

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