Word{less} Wednesday hmm I mean Thursday : IT'S A..... - Adventures With Ellie

Word{less} Wednesday hmm I mean Thursday : IT'S A.....

This happened Tuesday :

On Tuesday was our apportionment for our 20 week sonogram. Most important about this day was to make sure our little Bean is growing well and is healthy which HOORAY all is going as it should.

It also meant that if Bean was nice we would find out what we were having. Needless to say the kids had been counting down for this day.

I wanted to make it special just as I did when I revealed to them we were expecting.. So I decided to create a little fun after school treat for them.  After the doctor's appt. it was a mad dash to get what I was missing. I had made the paper flowers the night before. I baked when I got home. SHOUT out to my Mom and cousins who actually helped out when I was in a baking craze.

I decided to make  let the cake tell what we were having. I baked the cake and used food dye to color  the inside... and had my kids cut the cake and this is what we have :

I was so giddy because 99.99% of everyone was saying otherwise but Sassy was holding on and her wish came true she is gonna have a sweet little sister. My boys said ohh we knew it Ha.. Hubby and I can not believe how blessed we are to be having another sweet girl joining our family.

Although I am currently on bed rest for a bit I know it is beyond worth it. It makes it that much sweeter.

So there you have it.. Baby Bean is a Beanette Ha.. as a friend of me called her.

(We do have a name but will be sharing when she is born)

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