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Project Life : Collage Edition

Happy Tuesday everyone! AHHH so beloved Project Life! Today I thought I would share something different. If you had stopped before you know by now that I am on Bed rest and so I have to take it easy BUT that doesn't mean I can't work on my Project Life. The last 2 weeks were full for my kids as there were Championship games for my boys which I am SOOOOOOOO proud to say BOTH boys and their team won their divisions! YAY YAY .. SO proud of them both I know how hard they both worked this season and to know they got the championships was AWESOME. Sadly I wasn't able to see it in person BUT my awesome and wonderful hubby would text me play by play from the field ANNNNDD took pictures w/my camera. If you know my Hubby him and my 7D oh funniest of Funny I gave him a quick crash course and I must say he did pretty good and love him dearly for taking the pictures which brings me the topic of today.

How many of you have events and have WAAAAAAY too many pictures to include all of them into your week for Project Life but really feel that you need to include some of them but don't want to add so much bulk. That is when collages come in. I love making them. You actually don't even have to purchase any templates. What I do is just open up my PSE and open a blank page and size it. I have been making 6 x12 and then I send then off to Persnickety Prints .

Here are the pictures of the boys I am going to send off :

These are going to be so much fun to put into our album. I love that it tells the story of each of the boys Championship games. I also did collages for my Sassy girl. For her last game and her Kindergarten graduation.

These were so fun to make and can't wait to get the prints here. How about you how do you deal when you have more pictures then you'd want to print as singles.

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