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Fav Five For Friday : Preemie Mama Survival Style

Hope everyone is having a good week. Today I'll be sharing a different kind of Fav Five. I am sharing my Fav. Five that has been helping me along and making things a bit easier to make all things needed for our Sweet Little Bean possible.

I noticed that I am really thankful for technology because it has been really helping me. With that being said I have mentioned it before in another fav five list but now I am using it more then ever.

Loving this Jimmy Fallon- Wake Up Call  app because I have to pump every 3 hrs for our Baby Bean. During the day I'm well aware of the time but come night time that is where the challenge comes. I have made myself several alarms for throughout the night which has really helped and even more is that I've been able to set them up so they each have their own saying which are funny and needed especially when your so sleep deprived its hard not to get up grumpy but you'd be surprised what a little silliness will do.

Another App that has FAST become one of my favorites is one that I actually won. This one is for Preemie parents that I am so thankful right now.  It's called My Preemie it's an app that I am able to document everything that is going on with our little sweet Bean. It REALLY is amazing I've been able to add information that is happening including weight, length and milestones, step back and anything you can think of. It also lets you add what you want to include that you find important to remember. I've been using it daily and am loving being able to see my little girl's happening.

This week was an exciting one with our sweet girl as she started to be able to wear clothes. You can just image the excitement but being our sweet bean is a preemie it's a bit harder to find clothes for her.  I've always loved Carters  for my other kids so  imagine my surprise when I saw that it carried clothes in preemie sizes.

They are so sweet and seeing them on her is the best feeling. I'm also thankful that the prices are really good especially since she is growing it's gives me more freedom to bump up the sizes with ease.

As I've mentioned life is even more fast paced/blurred then usual but documenting what is going is very important to me and I am still doing Project Life times 3 right now (our family one, finishing Sassy's Kindergarten album and working on Baby Bean's-yes I'm nuts) but to make life even easier besides using my Becky Higgins stuff I am using the Project Life kits from Studio Calico.

I have to say the new packing is AMAZING I love how organized it is now it's like a 1/3 of a Core kit with the cards and embellishments making me SO happy. If you follow me on Instagram (eaugustin) then you saw this AM where I have my boxes ready to be used this AM.

Last but not least but OH so important is my medela breast cream breastfeeding being I am only pumping for right now for our little Bean this is SO important being I am using a hospital grade pump and it's STRONG and well this has been my lifesaver

So those are a small little part of my helpers right now. Now if you are/were a preemie parent I would love to hear what helped you I'm all ears.
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