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Saying it with Flowers

Since I can remember I've had a love of flowers but then again what gal really doesn't love flowers. So for me that also has been a go to for birthdays or even holidays. Being I always am on the run it's always a good thing to be able to do things online and what could be better then placing an order at one of the New York flower shops. I was "window shopping" and found this sweet arrangement

that made me smile I mean how can you not! Loving all the "sunshine" in a cutie sweet mug! I also saw this arrangement and with the grace of our Lord when our Bean is allowed to come home I want to get these to celebrate her arrival coming home.

Isn't it sweet?! So tell me how about you. Do you purchase flowers online and if so what's your fav. occasion to do so?

This was a sponsored post but the opinions and words are mine.
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