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It's that Time Again! Back To School They Go...

Am I the only one freaking out that school is JUST around the corner! I'm SO not ready not by a long shot. Now I have a question for you guys. How many of you do research BEFORE going shopping?

I know I do. Now how many of you just go by the lists that your kids bring you or do you add extra goodies.. Me guilty as charged I mean seriously can you say no to those new cool looking pens?!?! I must admit I get one for them and one for my stash.. SHHHH .

Now since I was so curious I found  info on Find & Save some AMAZING info that got me thinking.

Did you know that :

Survey reveals about half of U.S. school-age kids help look for back-to-school sales
  • Approximately 60% purchase “needed” rather than “wanted” items when back-to-school shopping, in comparison to Black Friday shopping

  • More than 83% of children shop with parents and choose their back-to-school items
I found this so interesting for me my oldest (about to turn 15)  is the one who in High School really just looks at what I am putting in the basket and will either leave it or pull it out. My youngest son (10) just goes with whatever I pick. I actually have to ask him he likes what I've picked for him.
NOW my 6 yr old daughter she has to have to a say on EVERYTHING I am picking. I do have to giggle maybe it's just a girl thing as I know I love the prettiest of things.

As I prepare to head out there I keep reading on the info posted and so this is what I learned.:

The 2013 Find&Save Back-to-School Shopping Experience survey consisted of 500 moms of one or more school-aged children, from kindergarten to college students. Key survey findings include:
  • Kids are back-to-school shopping: Approximately 83% of the moms surveyed said their children shop with them and choose their back-to-school items.
  • School-age children are browsing for sales: 51% of school-age children help look for back-to-school sales.
  • Checking their mobile phone while shopping: 53% will use a mobile phone while shopping to uncover sales. (anything that will help OH yes I will try!)
  • $400 spending limit: Approximately 80 percent report they plan to spend under $400 this year on back-to-school shopping.(with 3 kids yes I think we just might hit this YIKES!)
  • Back-to-School Needs, not Wants: 60% shop for “needed” rather than “wanted” items in comparison to Black Friday/holiday shopping. (I must say this is semi true for us)
  • More back-to-school shopping done in store: Only 2% report they plan to only shop online for all back-to-school purchases. (there is something about the thrill of going and "hunting" for new school supplies)
  • Half of moms haven’t started back-to-school shopping yet: 50% report they will begin shopping in August.  (yes this is SO Me right now)
  • Circulars are a primary source for sales: There is a broad mix of where shoppers find their sales. Approximately 59 percent report they uncover back-to-school sales through newspaper ads and circulars, as well as 60 percent via circulars that come by mail. More than one-third of respondents find back-to-school sales via online shopping websites and social media.
  • Sales matter: 28 percent report they only purchase items that are on sale; another 45% said sales matter since more than 75% of the time they buy items on sale.

So now what about you. Tell me what you do for your school shopping for your kids. Tell me I'm not alone who is about to go into panic mode. I'm gathering my list, have my highlighters ready, red pens & flyers to compare. Wish me luck & see you at the checkout line!

This was a sponsored post but the words and opinions are mine.
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