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Week in Review

OH made it to Saturday. Hope everyone had a good week. For me I must say this week was a semi blur. Since I am documenting our adventures with Baby Bean let's see if I can share a "Week in Review"

Our Bean turned One month. I am beyond amazed how fast it has gone already and that we have been so blessed with such a sweet girl. I am beyond thankful and pray each day for our Lord to continue to watch over her. The nurses at the NICU have been calling her the MVP of the NICU.  It is breathtaking to see how each day she is growing. Although each day I do hold my breath with each call to check on her and w/our daily visits.

 As each of my children has taught me something new about motherhood and myself so has our sweet Bean. The key one is patience and reigniting the "let go and let God" mode.

This week I also hit the extreme tiredness wall. I mean I just was so tired I ended up on Thursday sleeping almost the whole day I would only wake up to pump milk, check on my girlie and back to sleep till I went to go see her in the evening. I guess the past month and a half finally got to me and I couldn't keep going.

For this Summer it's been well not as it would normally had been with my kids venturing out as much which I feel so bad but they are SO good. We have been heading to McDonald's and Subway which makes them just as happy go figure but since August is here & school is around the corner I am trying to see if I plan some real fun for them before school starts. Which reminds me that the school calendars arrived.

ITS time to get real. This coming week I'll start organizing our list of what we need to purchase for all 3. This year our Gabi has to wear a uniform since she's in 1st grade (TIME is flying by too fast)

I've also have been trying to learn all things about preemies at home there will be many rules to keep her health and growth going as it should.

Tomorrow with God's Grace she will be 33 wks gestational age which means this upcoming week will be a BIG week that I am praying to our Lord goes well. I am nervous but my faith is carrying me and I also must say everyone who has emailed, called, texted and reached out saying they are praying for our little Beanie girl has meant more then I could ever say to my family and I.

Well that's my week in review for now. Time to clear my work table as I have almost a month & a half of Project Life to catch up. I have ALL the pictures printed and have journals for the weeks BUT now to try to put it together in and put them into their place before I head out to see our Sweet girl.

Happy Weekend everyone.

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