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Best Ride EVER

This happened last Tuesday. We knew it was coming but didn't want to get our hopes up. We wanted it to be that week but wasn't to sure as our sweet Bean well was having issues regulating her temp. Monday night I was up every 3 hrs pumping milk and calling the NICU asking how was our girl's temp. all the nurses rooting for us making sure our Beanie Girl was extra warm. Can't even tell you how many blankets the girl would have but nope still her temp would drop. So I did what I had been doing the whole past 2 months what I knew best to do. Pray. I almost wondered for a bit why wasn't I getting it by now that it has NOTHING do with my will but his at that moment as I have been doing I asked for strength as Friday had been a really tough day so,so hard as our girl had to be put back into the Isolate to keep her warm until Sunday . All I kept thinking is Lord you say you only give us what we can handle but right now I feel as if I have no more strength and I just don't know what to do. I heard him and read this passage when I opened up my bible. When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. Psalm 94:18-19 I felt a calm over me and said Lord thank you thus far because you have given my me the strength the past 8 wks to endure even when I thought I could not find anymore. 
 I thought of all the prayers others have been told for our family and over our sweet girl. I remembered and said Lord it IS your will. I called and each time the night nurse picked up she would say "She's doing good she's keeping her temp up. I just thought I've heard that before, I wondered HOW many blankets did she have on her? I remembered what the doctor told us that she had to keep her temp up but not under a thousand layers, I thought but it IS cold in there but then I thought NO negative thoughts get out Lord it is your will....

Then came 10 o'clock  Tuesday morning the phone rang and I saw it was the hospital. Each time that I would see that number my heart would drop to the floor each time it had rung it had been about a result for a test but thinking of all the other babies in the NICU and the stories I had learned along this journey no matter what each time the phone rings and you see the hospital number your heart drops because after all you have a little preemie who is fragile and things can change at a dime.

I held my breathe and picked up "Hello" -"Is this Mrs. Augustin"   "Yes"... "Hello, I'm one of the attending that is helping take care of your daughter" (My heart is in my throat and all I  kept thinking was  HURRY UP tell me WHY are you calling) "Yes I was wondering would feel comfortable taking the baby home today" ..... PAUSE... Did he just SAY what I think he said.... the words I've been waiting to hear for the past 2 months, all the tears,  hurt and  love all jumbled up to this one moment . The words that seemed to me that would take forever to be told was here in this instant. I remembered to take a deep breathe and I'm pretty sure I scared the doctor on the other side as I screamed YES,YES,YES!!! OF COURSE I FEEL COMFORTABLE. All I remember doing was running to the living room to where my husband was with a friend and running to his arms and crying and saying we can bring our baby home. In that moment the relief and thinking WE made it. Giving praise to our Lord. NOW we had to hurry as Hubby had build her bed & I got  things in place. Oh the joy that filled our home and praises being given till it was time to pick up our girl.

We all have been on cloud nine and every moment we can give praise to our Lord. Also a big thank you to everyone who took the time to pray or leave an encouraging message. Our journey isn't over as there will be many appointments to come but once again leaving it to God. As we left the hospital the Littles said as we drove off this will be the BEST ride ever.. I couldn't have agreed more.

Well if you excuse me I'm off to become label woman as my Littles start school this Wednesday and I have to label EVERYTHING right about now. Our oldest starts next Monday but at least I don't have to label anything for him.

Happy Monday everyone!   
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