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Thankful Journey

Today I just wanted to post a little something about how things are going around here. It's been just about 3 weeks since our little Beanie girl has gotten home. There have been lots of doctor visits and home visits but praise God they all have been positive.

At the moment our Isy does have two different home visits a week. One is a home nurse and the other is physical therapy. I am so thankful that she is getting the extra help that she needs to help her thrive.

Our Home visiting nurse is so amazing. She is super funny and loves our girl oh so very much. She cheers her on each week with what might be happening new with our girl.

So today I take a moment to thank all the professionals who have been helping my little one along the way. I know that each and every person thus far as such a special place in our heart.

A little challenge for you today and take the time to pause and think of who is in your life that is not your family but for sure has become part of it for the love that they bring into your life.

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