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This & That Thursday

1. Sunday was suppose to be my due date but since Ms. Beanie Baby had other plans but we decided to make it a special day regardless and so we decided it would a perfect day for her baptism

2. I just can't get enough and love it that it's officially Fall

3. First official test for my 1st grader : (highest you can get is a 4)

4. Trying to work on this have all my pictures printed JUST need to find some time to put it together :

5. Someone has their costume for their 1st Halloween :

what makes it even better is that Hubby got it for 8 bucks! SCORE!!! I had seen it at Babies R Us and it was $24 & he surprised me and when I saw the deal he got made it that much better.

6. I officially have a 15 year old as of this past Tuesday. (HOW is that even possible. Time is zooming by)

7. Running around like a nut trying to get errands done the days my mom stays with me. Although I am super busy its nice to pause and see the beauty our Lord gives us. Even with the chilly weather that we have been getting I saw this :

8. We are tired, sleep deprived, super busy but we also are so blessed, happy & so grateful for it all and we wouldn't chance it for anything. So excited to see what is to come. (This was a 5 energy for him & Iced coffee for me fuel kind of day)

So what is happening around in your neck of the woods?
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