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Project Life Tuesday : Baby Edition

Today I thought I'd share with you the album that I am working on for my little Beanie Baby. If you had stopped by my blog before you had seen that I actually had been working on a  smaller album which was suppose to be for my pregnancy BUT since our little one decided to come early I decided to make one whole album with both my pregnancy and her one year. Especially since she was in the NICU for 2 months I thought it important to document that.

Here is the peek of the album  so far:

I am using the Becky Higgins Core Kit- Baby in Neutral & Baby Girl as well as Seafoam. I have lots of gaps to fill which I hope to do soon and will share how I do so. I am making this a Project Life album in a totally different way then it is usually set up as I feel being the story of our baby girl was so different the album should be extra special.

I am currently am putting together and separating everything I had been holding on to while she was in the NICU and deciding how I will showcase it. For now the album is making me happy and hope this album when completed at her 1st birthday will be something I will give her when she is older and she can see how loved and special she is to our family.

How about you have you worked on a baby album using Project Life? If so let me know so I could check it out!

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