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Project Life Tuesday : Week 41 and 42

Today I'm sharing two weeks that I completed. Week 41 was completed using the Core Kit- Jade along with a few extra embellishments I had which included Basic Grey, Elle Studio, Maggie Holmes and Studio Calico

 This week I wanted to make sure I included small details that otherwise I would forget such is the way my Gabi does her homework. Or having a little time to run and get my hair done is a treat I always look forward to.

I also made sure to include what the kids have been up to not only as the main picture of the day but again the smaller details. For me journaling these things makes the week come together that much easier when I include "sideline" topics that happened with us.

For Week 42 I used the Core Kit from Dear Lizzy -5th & Folic which I really love. This week included me getting sick it was not fun (still recovering) but I wanted to make sure once again that I included that. Project Life is that it's life the good w/the not so good so that way we get a boarder picture of how life really is. To me these albums are you could say a mini time machine that when opened is like going back in time and seeing what we were doing and up to.

This week included also some new and traditions for us. Such as : Loosing a tooth for my Isaac, Isabel starting her permit physical therapy, visits from uncle, going to the Spooky Fest, New recipes plants growing and of course sweet little baby faces.

These two weeks came along pretty quickly. What took the longest was actually picking out the embellishments that I wanted to put in to add my own person touch. I tried no to over do it as to me what is important is the pictures and the story of what is going with us. Although I must admit it is so much fun to put those pieces together. 

What about you what has your family been up to the past week?

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