Project Life : Week 44 - Adventures With Ellie

Project Life : Week 44

Anyone freaking out yet that the year is almost over?!?! My MIL posted today that there is only 49 days until Christmas!! I am a bit nervous and wondering how am I going to get it done. I actually have been working on lists as this year we are going to have our own little Thanksgiving at home as we can't take out the baby as she is a preemie as well as Christmas so a bit of planning is in the works. Also Alice the Elf is returning and well I am pretty sure she has fun up her sleeve.

Any hoot. Today I am sharing my latest of my weeks of Project Life. This week I was inspired by Ali Edwards and her December Daily. She created a cool first page in her album and I knew I wanted to give it a try. It was so fun that I added an element using the same technique. It's actually addicting to make those transparencies.

For us this week included :

- Receiving an order of lotion/wash soap for our Isy that I've used w/the kids that I love. I hadn't been able to pick some up as my days I'm usually home and so I ordered a supply of the Mustela products they are wonderful and smell so GOOD!
-Tried out recipes for Thanksgiving this week I tried a chicken one. Thumbs up was given.
-Our little Isy turned 4 months old. Each day we feel so blessed to have our sweet girl. Each day I think of those what seemed the most longest 2 mths of our lives but to see her growing and thriving is more then we could ever have asked for and so thankful!
- Pre Halloween Treats had to be done. I always bake once a week for the kids this week of course it had to be Halloween treats.

-Of course we had Halloween and it was our little Isy's 1st so she got a cute little shirt that her Auntie/Godmother got for her. When I saw it I knew she needed a tutu to wear it with!
-Gabi loves to read to Isy and she loves to get read to. I love that they already are having a wonderful bond.
-My SIL & MIL took flowers to our Pretty Girl to the cemetery to her special spot on All Souls day. I so appreciate it as I haven't been able to go and had been worried her things were out of order but they made sure it is as pretty as it could be for our sweet little Anjie.
-Going to mass and having my SIL and nephew with us was so wonderful. I love Sundays and hope my children grow loving what they mean to us.

So in a nutshell that was our week. How about yours? Did you get a chance to document it? If you did and posted please let me know so I can check it out!

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