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Recap of Thanksgiving

As we start another week and month for that matter I wanted to stop and recap this past Thanksgiving for my family. This was the first year we did Thanksgiving at home as we had always gone to my mother in laws house but begin that our sweet little Isy can't really be exposed to large groups of people for now we stayed at home.

So off to prepare  I went. With each dish I worked on preparing I thought of what I am so thankful for this past year. Yes it was trying but with each step I held on to my faith and love that our family & friends and our Lord sent to us. 

I thought of how we are all together at home now. I thought of the other little babies in the NICU who were way more serious then our sweet little baby girl was. Praying that they might be at home with their parents or if not as of yet that they are growing and thriving reaching almost that goal of getting to go home.

I thought of how I shouldn't be disappointed at all that even though I had actually tried out for a couple of things I wanted to do  they didn't pan out. I stopped and remembered that even if I wasn't chosen for certain things it shouldn't stop me from doing it on my own. To remember how I have told my children that if you dream big and work hard anything is possible so this coming year that is what I am planning on doing. 

As I sat at the table looking at each of my children and seeing my Husband and my Mother there as well my heart overflowed with love  and so much thankfulness it truly was an evening of amazing Thanksgiving. 

So how was your Thanksgiving. What were you most thankful this year for?
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