7 Months - Adventures With Ellie

7 Months

: Can give kisses
: Eating Veggies and Fruits
: Sitting up moments at a time
: Loving Daddy (SOOOOO happy about this maybe I will actually get to do my hair soon Ha)
:Talking (babbling) Up a storm
: Doing awesome. Physical Therapist  is very happy with her progress.
: Wakes up with a smile
:Starting to fit into 6 months clothes!
:Diaper Size 2
:No more Pacifier

We are so blessed to have you be part of our family. We love to hear your super high pitch squeals and we think you might want to be an opera singer like your great grandfather was because MAN you can hold that squeal for a good time. Nothing is better then seeing your beautiful smile.

I love seeing you interact w/your siblings and now Daddy which melts me every time. I love seeing you reach each milestone and give praise for each one. You are so amazing and the sweetest of babies. LOVE YOU SO Much my sweet Isabel!

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