8 years ago - Adventures With Ellie

8 years ago

She came into our life. I remember being in the hospital and how the nurses there would come in the room I was in and ask is that your baby, you know all the nurses are saying she is so beautiful. YES she was our sweet beautiful Anjelique. Born at 6lb 11 ounces she was the smallest of the babies we had had thus far. I remember looking at her in awe.

Thinking how blessed I was to have two amazing boys & now this beautiful little girl and the most wonderful Husband. Perfect my life was as perfect as I could ever had wanted. Little did I know that in only 2 1/2 mths my world would be turned upside down. Waking up to finding my little beautiful sweet girl gone. She had returned to our Lord. Little did I know that she actually had completed what she was meant to in this life. In just 2 1/2 months with her with us. Dreams of tutus,and dollies ran through my head. I was never a girlie girl never one for pink but once we found out she was going to be a girl it was all I could think of.

She gave me a knowing of our Lord that I know (now) I had lacked. With the experience we had to go through anyone would want to just melt and not come out of the black hole but she wouldn't let me even till this day I know she watches over us. I KNOW she was there w/her baby sister in the NICU for some reason or another I would find myself saying before I left Anjie keep an eye on Isy for me while I go take care of Daddy & your other siblings.

How blessed were we to have such a beautiful blessing. Today she would have turned 8 but instead of us being to really celebrate as we would have wanted I know she is being celebrated in the best possible way.

I asked the Lord this AM to give her a million kisses and hugs for me. Daddy went and took her birthday flower cake this AM they were beautiful. Happy Birthday sweet beautiful girl.

We Love you Forever, We like you For Always As Long as we are Living Our Baby You'll Be.
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