Happy 2014 - Adventures With Ellie

Happy 2014

Excited for what this new year will bring. Last year I must say was full of trails that ended up with the blessing of our little girl. We are so blessed to have these 4 amazing children. I look forward to the adventures that we will do together.

I would like to thank all my readers and anyone that has taken the time to stop by and check what I might be up to.
I'd also like to thank the sponsors I 've had. It's was amazing to work with each of you and I look forward to working with all of you again and hopefully new fun sponsors to share with you guys.

Also looking forward to Project Life for 2014. Every 1st of Jan. I torment  my family and we take a picture in front of my steps. So I'm probably setting up my tripod and freezing my fingers off but it's worth it.

 I'll share my 1st week in a video some week some time as this weekend will be a big one as my oldest little girl is turning 7 on Friday.. SIGH... Time I tell you flies! I hope to spoil her a bit and will of course capture all the fun.

Again thank you SO much for stopping by and your comments mean so much and can't wait to share another fun year you all of you!
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