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Life Around here: Currently

Watching : My Canon Selphy NOT connect for the 100th time. Driving me crazy. I really loved this printer but it keeps having issues connecting.

Listening : To my Youngest son play on his Xbox w/his best friend and my oldest little girl play with her barbies.

Eating : Actually Drinking an Iced Latte from McDonalds (part of my breakfast although it's 1pm right now)

Creating : Working on my Project Life Thus why I'm trying to print pictures but my Selphy is being mean to me.

Thinking: How it's going to be so awesome not to have to really rush in the AM since the kids are off tomorrow. Isy does have her physical therapist coming but it's not till later in the morning.

Loving: Us right now We are getting into a flow as before it was just really focused on getting to and from the hospital but now we are making it our until of 7 into a awesome thing. Feeling so blessed.

Wanting : The 50mm 1.4 lens. I got a chance to rent it over the holiday and OH it's so yummy. I have a 1.8 but what I was able to do w/the 1.4 INSANE (saving up for it!)

Needing: Me time. Just a little, 2 hours would do it. My sweet Isy will NOT go to anyone. Sure she loves her sibling and daddy but it's only for 10 minutes at a time before she has to see my face. I have had my hair curly since before Thanksgiving because she will not let me go nowhere w/out her. It's OK I'm not going anywhere for now BUT I must say I am writing this post because she's actually been staying w/ Daddy for the past hour so we shall see! YAY...

Hightlight :

Watching my little baby girl enjoying her baby food is SO much fun. So far she has been loving all the fruits she's had. Next week we will start to introduce veggies. Each day is such a blessing and I am so thankful for my children. Seeing how Isy has been developing and growing is beyond amazing. Using my One little wordf for sure nowadays : Cherish indeed. 
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