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So Her

Since the first time I saw this saying it screamed my daughter Gabrielle. She is our gift. She really is one amazing girl. She came to us at one of our most darkest moments as our oldest little girl had passed to SIDS & in the mist of grief & sadness we found out there was this sweet one growing in my womb. That is why her name was given (it would have been Gabriel had she been a boy) because she was my strength sent from our Lord.  She made me push through the grief & find joy through my tears. She made me hold fast to our Lord to believe that he does have a plan that all we have to do is give into him completely for he will take care of the rest.
I am amazed each day by her I love how intelligent she is. How eager she is to learn and figure things out by herself. She has shocked my husband and I with her old wise soul.. She is so loving and caring and her love for her family is beyond anything we could ask for. I am so thankful to have her as my little girl. My little ball of wonder. Today she is 7 years old. I have many things planned for her and to start she has a snow day where she will be able to enjoy her day from the moment she gets up.

Mama loves you to infinity. God bless you always my sweet Sassy girl. HAPPIEST of HAPPY Birthday my girl!
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