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What's in a Bottle

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Chicco. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.”

 Being a mom to a preemie has made for me to do an extra hard look at products I use with my little one. Especially when it comes to helping nourish her. Even though I was nursing her while in the NICU she still had to pass the test of being able to feed from a bottle. At first she was not to happy about bottles but I think with prayers and all the amazing nurses she passed and was able to come home.

Once she got home I was going to introduce her to the bottle I had used w/my other children and then I got the opportunity to give Chicco  Natural fit bottles a try. I was actually sent an assortment of bottles that ranged from 5oz bottle which is a Stage 1 bottle from 0+ months. This is the main one that my little girl has been loving. It has a breast like soft and flexible nipple that really has been easy to go between breast and bottle which was very important to me.

  I also received the the 8oz Stage 1 which is a bit bigger and goes from 2mths+  I have used this one as well and really see she is enjoying it as well. Right now she is up to 5 oz so I usually have that one handy.

I also love that they have a twin anti colic valves on the side. Which is helpful because last thing you want is to have a colicky baby especially a  preemie.

Here is my sweet girl this AM getting one of her feeds.

We also received another bottle which is for 6mths and above but we will use that later on as she is 3 1/2 mths in adjusted age (preemie age).

Also we received two pairs of pacifers which actually at first I didn't think she would take to but as of late as her gums are becoming itchy she has been using the Deco Orthodontic Pacifers.

Promise the paci is under there but this is how she falls asleep and I love that it soothes her. Overall I am so happy that I was introduced to this wonderful line. We also received a pair of soft silicone orthodontic pacifiers which I hope to introduce to her later this month and see how she likes those as well. I really love that they especially taken the time to design pacifers that are good for their physiological oral development.

Also did you know that the Chicco products are now available at buybuy BABY stores I am so happy to hear that as I actually want to get a couple of extra bottles for my baby girl.

 I actually want to see if  I can purchase extra as well and take them to the NICU and see if they would be able to gift these to a couple of the babies that are ready to head home as I really found these bottle wonderful and I know it's a trial and error w/ finding the right bottles/products for our little ones.

Well time for me to run as I hear my little one stirring and time to get ready to feed her! I'd love to hear if you give NaturalFit a try.

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