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Project Life Updated!

First off you might be wondering where the heck I've been? Or maybe not.... Well go figure life as been taking over of all things crafty, blogging.

 Usually this would have stressed me out big time. As I've wanted to do a few reviews and giveaways but really time is crazy. I do instagram and tweet & FB here and there.

Are you wondering so what about Project Life?  Ah yes my very loved project life I am actually up to date and yes I've been working on a video for longer then I could admit BUT LOOK I have a little video for you!

I have been working on the 3 albums Ours, Gabi's school album and the baby. I know I'm nuts but I feel as its very important. Trust me I even thought about doing a monthly update like I'm doing for the girls albums but then I saw this :

After I stopped hyperventilating I thought hey look at that I just sent myself a message to remember why I do what I do and what it means to my family.

So here is to memory keeping all our everyday moments with all it ups and downs turns and swirls!
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