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Five on Friday : Baby Edition

Hey all! Happy Friday, Happy Pi Day and everything else awesome about the day! Anyone watch Scandal last night?!?!? OMG... OK got that out my system.

Today I wanted to come and share 5 things that have been making my life oh so much smoother as of late w/our sweet baby girl.  As I know there are loads of sweet babies that were born around when my sweet girl was so I hope that you gals and your cuties will find these few favorites here helpful to you as well.

1. I use this App nightly CAN NOT go to sleep w/out it being on. My Beanie girl loves to :

It's called Relax Melodies you are able to make your own "mix" of melodies you want to hear and go off to bed. The best part FREE app! I love it.

2. Mustela PhysiObebe 

I use this daily for on Beanie Baby because let's face it babies are always getting messy and are we going to be running every time to the bath with them? I love this because it leave her clean and can be used for all parts of the baby and leaves her fresh until it's really time for bath time. Very gentle as well. I love this line and  use the rest of the products as well. Try it you'll thank me later! (bonus smells SO SO good!)

3. NoseFrida

Alright WHY oh WHY didn't I know about this before my baby girl. I could have not tormented my other kids when I had to clean their noses if I had this! I found about this actually on the preemie parent group I am  part of. It is the most AWESOME thing ever. Sure some people might say oh gross but this is my baby and well if I can get everything out well so be it. I know that this has helped her each time she is getting a little stuffy. I know it's stopped it from going any further and God forbid getting any sicker.

 Although I admit I did get sick from one of those "battles" them germs were out to get someone and MAN did they get me! You do have to purchase filters for it but a box holds 20 and they are less them 5 bucks and I just order keep ordering them to keep a stash on hand. Seriously WHY didn't any tell me about this! FYI I also tried another one kind of like this that didn't use a filter but tissue instead but didn't work as well.

4. Sophie

So another thing that everyone knew about BUT me. Sophie has been one of  very loved toy which I can not go anywhere without. Especially now with itchy gums this is the one of those helpers and she loves the squeaks too!

5.Happy Baby Organic Foods

I came around this brand because since my little girl has started to eat foods I wanted to make sure she was able to get something that would not only be good for her but taste yummy. These baby foods have some blends that I really love like Spinach Pear and broccoli. My baby's fav. is Mango and she gets so giddy when she is eating it.

SO hopefully today's post helps some parents out there. How about you what are some of your baby helpers that you use?
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