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Let's talk Movies

For the past month Sunday night has become movie night for my husband and I after the kids go to bed. I am usually the movie buff around here. My favorites to watch are Bollywod movies. I just can't help it! I also love my romantic movies. Then I got a crazy idea or so I thought and asked Hubby if he would watch a movie that I really loved. He surprised me and  said sure. I was so giddy. What was the movie? "THE Movie"

Guess what he loved it!! Since then each Sunday we have watched a movie. So far these are the ones have watched :

This past week we watched one of my favorite movies.  I love everything about it.

Although I have a confession. I actually fell asleep watching it because the night before the baby was up and all the running about for the day I think got to me, BUT my hubby watched the WHOLE movie.. #LOVE.. sigh... He could have stopped it but NO he watched the whole thing! 

This week we will be watching this movie. Another oldie but goodie : 

Can't wait to watch this w/Hubby. I want to make a list of movies for us to watch. Tell me what are a few of your favorites we should watch?

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