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Do you have any children between 1st and 5th grade? If so do they frown every time it's time for them to do math. Do YOU frown trying to explain the math in a fun way. I know I do. That's why I was so excited when I was contacted to try out a new site/app called SplashMath.

As all kids my kids love all things that have to do w/games. I love that I was able to make an account for each of my kids where I would I review a weekly report on their process. While they think they are doing games I was looking at where they needed the most help. Where they were improving and what they already knew.

The latest release of Splash Math - Grades 1 to 5 gives children access to grades levels 1 through 5 in one iPad app that syncs with its website. With this launch, we are taking away the dependability on a device for an early quality math education.

Splash Math is priced $9.99 for one grade level and $29.99 for all five grade levels. Also if you would like to try it out it for free & create an account you get to do 20 problems a day! That's a good little exercise.

For my Daughter she actually went pretty high because she was just playing and didn't even realize that she was doing math! I tried to control my giggles because I was very happy she was having so much fun learning.

My son who is in 5th grade was curious as to what his sister was up to as well. Trust be told at first he was saying that it looked too "baby" for him but I told him to give it a try.  I gave them each "homework" and they actually thought it was funny that I was almost playing "school" with them but they were getting such a wonderful learning experience.

What I love is that they feel independent while they work and they get rewarded w/cheers and encouragement as they go through the problems.

For me being able to find a wonderful fun way for my kids to work on their math skills really is priceless and am so happy that my kids have the opportunity to try it out.

I would love to hear what your kids think about it. Please let me know if you try it out with your kids.

“I participated in a review on behalf of SplashMath.I received a membership and monetary compensation to facilitate my review as well as and as a thank you for participating but all thoughts were mine.”

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