Word{less} Wednesday: Brave Girl - Adventures With Ellie

Word{less} Wednesday: Brave Girl

My Sweet girl..with a fractured elbow. This was the result of being pushed off a jungle play house on Easter by a family friend's son.  YEAH....

3 visits to the ER in less then 2 weeks. 1st time running into the ER in the mist of the family gathering. X-rays checked & cleared...2nd time called back because they revised her x-rays and indeed it was fractured right by the growth plate. 3rd time woke up and hand was swollen & had to run and get it checked and re-wrapped again.

Yesterday we went to the ortho to get it checked once more hoping we might be able to remove the cast but she has to have it 2 more weeks.

Through it all she has been so brave and awesome. Disappointed she is restricted from doing things but she is taking it with stride. Love my big girl.
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