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Scrapbook Aha Moment

You guys I got me one them Aha moments and it has been one of the most awesome things. If you have been keeping up w/my little world around here it seems as if my most mentioned thing was I was going to scrapbook more. I even had tried doing a challenge which didn't turn out as planned but that's OK.

I have been thinking of how my complete focus has become working on Project Life so much so I actually didn't do ANYTHING else. If I started something it always was put to the side to try to do something about Project life. THEN I had a moment where it hit me.Where I asked myself WHY oh WHY are you working so hard in making all these PL pages so perfect? WHO are you trying to impress? I paused and said WHHHATTT?! Then I said you know what. This isn't to impress anyone!! This is to document my family's happening.
My memory is HORRIBLE and if I don't have project life I wouldn't sadly remember the super small of silliest things but me being able to have my project life for my family means everything.Guess what I also realized I don't have to post all my pages on the blog I can just document and keep going...GASP..IMAGINE THAT!!! SO my dear friends that's what I have been doing. I use my Collect app and print and go. Its all about just getting it documented.

Then I was looking at my older scrapbook albums and say that for my Gabi I have 3 albums full of scrapbook pages I created for her and 1 full one for us. So my goal again was oh my I have to scrapbook about Isy especially since we went through the journey of her being in the NICU for 2 mths.
I bought an album and printed out pictures....but there it sat until I heard that voice again.. pppssssst you KNOW you need to get to making some pages right? WHO are you trying to make perfect pages for or isn't this suppose to be for Isy so not only will she hear about the stories but see them through pictures with their stories. Guess what happened. Album is almost full! It makes me so happy.

Here are of my most recent pages I made :

Simple & to the point makes for a happy scrappy heart.
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