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Weekend in 10

Taking the Maile Wilson's  Challenge and sharing my Weekend in 10. Are you guys ready cause here we go: :

I had texted my hubby that Old Navy was having a sale on flip flops & he knows I live for Flip Flop weather and this is what he brought home for me!

OHHHH YEAH! Happy Feet.

On Saturday all the games that were played were done for Breast Cancer awareness and so the kids all had shirts & wore pink socks. I really loved seeing them all coming together for such a wonderful cause. Here is my youngest son at bat!

If you know me then you know I"m a foodie and while pregnant with our Isy I had the BIGGEST craving for burgers. She's born and I still am a sucker for a good burger. Hubby found a new place that we tried out. I really had to pause before eating it as it was imprinted with it's logo.

This was Mother's Day morning. My youngest son is the most sweetest of the Sweet. (his nickname is Sweets!) Well he made this for me... (although shhh the waffles were freezer burnt and I was going to clear out the freezer and the banana was SUPER ripe lol) He wanted me to have breakfast in bed.. OH that boy melts me every time!!!!  Oh & yes he brought me a Diet Coke..He knows his mama well.

As we were getting ready to head out.. I caught a glimpse of my girls playing together. I love how they love each other actually all of my kids. It's such a blessing watching them grow.

Hey it's Mama's Day had to take some selfies!!!

Got Hubby to take a picture of me and the kids..

Last but not least had to include this picture of my little fluffy boys who were a Mother's Day gift to me 3 yrs ago and we LOVE our George & Sonic!

Now that was my awesome weekend how was yours?

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