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Pinterest for the WIN

Hello awesome peeps!

Today I thought I'd share a little adventure I had been working on for a while. Which ended last Sunday as we celebrated my baby's 1st birthday.

Everything started with this below. I decided to make a private board to help me with Isy's birthday. OH the fear of the dreaded #PinterestFail to tell the truth I was scared BEYOND my mind. 

The thought of  actually sitting down and putting it all together was in my mind but could I bring it to life? 
To be honest this would be the most handmade party for any of my children I would be contributing to. I usually make a scrapbook album and a book for people to leave messages and everything else has been store bought.

The first thing I knew I had to take care of was the cake. I knew right away who was going to make our cake as she is BEYOND amazing and not just because she is a family friend but she truly is talented. 

So I asked Desiree if she could create Isy's cake and smash cake and WOWERS did she come through.

Then it was time to think what kind of party it would be and it ended up being a gold,pink,white party.

I started by working on her birthday crown because I had looked at esty and all I found were crowns that were way over my budget and so I headed to the fabric store and got some fabric and got to work....with my glue gun, needle and thread. 

Next I looked into a Styrofoam numbers which I found nobody locally carried and the shipping wasn't worth it so off I went to the craft store thinking hmmm I can get me a Styrofoam board and make a number 1 can't I...I think..So off I went...

Got home and thought how am I going to do this trick that I remembered was DO NOT outline what you want to cut out on the styrofoam but on the plastic itself. Good thing I did that because by the end I had a few different outlines made but then I held my breath and started to cut.

I did end up cutting the bottom of the one after I took the picture as I noticed one side was longer but over all I was so excited. Next was how would I design the room? 

I decided that hand sewing two color crepe paper would be a good idea....yeah remind me of this next time..TOTAL madness OK worth it but still I am nuts.

This is the idea I got in my head...

I used this as a base to how I wanted to decorate the room. 

This is what my 1 ended up after sewing little rosettes and hot gluing them down. It was worth the work and I was so happy how it ended up.

The crown ended up looking like this :

This crown at first started out CRAZY as I had wanted to make the base of the crown from the satin fabric as I got the tutorial as to how to make it  HERE and then quickly learned I needed another material which YAY I did and it helped me get this one together.

So the awesome celebration weekend arrived and this is from Saturday Smash cake day :

As you can see Isy's smash cake was AMAZING!!! Desiree did amazing but little did I know what she would have for her actually birthday.

Here is the whole thing put together the next day : 

Over all it was a magical weekend. Lots of hard work but so SO worth it. I want to thank my awesome SIL Stephanie and BIL Mike for allowing us to host the weekend at their home and Desiree for making such wonderful cakes. 

What I learned ... Pinterest can be conquered you just need to really go slow and do a pre-run before tackling what you would like to do. I started planning 6 months in advance and had many trial and error and was happy with what I accomplished....

Next Pinterest challenge will be a "Frozen 8th Birthday party" at least I have until January! 

Have you tried anything lately and also had a Pinterest win? I'd love to hear about it.
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