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School Adventures

This school year is going to be a bit different as each year it seems we are always running around like crazy and feels as we never have enough time. I thought this year being a biggie around here we would try something and so I'll be sharing some things we will be doing this school that maybe will inspire you to try it as well and maybe make it a bit easier for you as well.

I'll be sharing things I'm doing,things that works,things that didn't things I want to try and reviews (and giveaways of course)

First off my list was to make a black board where EVERYONE could see it.  Even though each of my kids (well not the baby...yet) has a blackboard they haven't been using it for anything but doodles so now have one that will be at the center of where we all end up...The kitchen!

This was right after I painted it as you need to let dry 24 hours. It it right by our kitchen table where the kids eat their meals so anything important is going to go on here. So looking forward to seeing it be used not just by me but by the kids (and hubby too ha).

I also then printed out these to take our yearly school pictures. For the first time all 3 kids start the same day. SO I don't want to be rushing to try to capture those pictures so since 2 out of my 3 wear uniforms well I can take their pictures before they start. Although my "Junior" is still working on his first outfit but that's OK hopefully he'll give me 10 minutes and humor his mom.

If your interested in these printables just go follow my Pinterest Board for this and other fun back to school things I am loving.

So how is back to school coming along for you? Have your kids started or are they starting next week like mine.

One more thing.. is it me or did Summer just SUPER fly by?
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