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Squeezing every Little Bit of Summer

As I sit here and think WOWERS there I go again forgetting about my sweet little blog...then I think but wait WHY am I worrying? It only means I'm enjoying every drop of sun!

Can't believe how it's already August 1st and in a month it will be time for once again time to rush the kids off on the school bus & out the door to get to class..sigh.. I must say we have been trying to squeeze as much as possible because well this is really a make up Summer as well as this year's  Summer since last Summer was spent going to see our sweet baby girl in the NICU

Time is FLYING by.. Where is that slow down button when you need it.

We still need to cross off going to the beach hopefully next week we can cross that off. I also want to take the Littles into the city again for one more adventure OK 2 more if I can squeeze it in.

This is a peek at just our last 2 weeks. Lets just say when I print I'm pretty sure I'll be close to at least 500 pictures!

I can't wait because we have to remember that if you just snap a picture but don't print them what's the point.

So what has your Summer looked like so far?
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