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Stamps Up For Grabs- Updated

(Revised with what is still available)

Hey all! So here I am with a super duper quick sale! I'd love for these to get a good home as each month I get them and I ohh and ahh at them but they don't get used so all these stamps are brand new from Studio Calico kits I've gotten over the months.

Each one is
$7 bucks w/ $1 for shipping.  Sorry no international that way I can keep shipping to a super min.Taking paypal only for payment.  UP FOR GRABS NOW for $5!!!! ( $1 shipping)

If interested just shoot me an email to ellie dot augustin at hotmail dot com & I'll send you a bill!

(Yes I'll combine stamps together I think I have a few larger white envelopes I could squeeze them into!)

HAPPY Monday Everyone!!

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