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Easy Peasy Lunchbox Meals - Week 1

Monday morning..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH everyone running making sure they have their books in the backpacks. Brush your teeth get some breakfast everyone doing their thing when you hear "Moooommmmm did you make us lunch?"

Hmm sure,sure I did...Run get two slices of bread some cold cuts and a juice and something for snack. Sadly,honestly that was most of last year unless it was Friday where my Littles get the treat of buying lunch at school.

THIS year...THIS year I will conquer (or more like try too) lunch! Ok so the main thing I have learned from my failure to lunch is to plan ahead. With that said. First make a list of food that your kids like to eat make sure if there is a peanut/allergy restriction at your school you are aware of that as well.

Also make sure your kids what they would like. You should have seen the faces on my youngest son when I asked hey what would you like to see in your lunch?

He looked at me with the biggest of smiles and said REALLY...OK mac and cheese please! YAY 1 lunch done 3 more to go (remember Friday is mama free day here!)

So after getting some suggestions from my little girl as well this is what we came up with :

-Monday :Mac and Cheese (my kids like if I mix ham into it)
-Tuesday : Tortilla Ham & cheese rolls (notice it's kind of a sandwich but no squares YAY ME)
-Wednesday: Chicken salad but use a mix of greens like Spinach
-Thursday:  Chicken Alfredo (which was dinner- leftover dinner always taste better next day)

These are Monday,Tuesday since the Easy LunchBoxes come with 4 containers I was able to make 2 days worth of lunch -BOOYA!!

With the main lunch I made sure  to include fruit. and an extra snack.  I am excited about being able to plan ahead.

 Also another time that I find is very helpful is if you can make the lunches the night before.

-Do your kids have a favorite lunch you make for them?
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