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Easy Stick in the Oven Chicken Dinner

If you have been stopping by my blog. My motto this school year is make it easier & faster but FUN (or in the case of this blog post YUM)

Ok Confession time how many times does your family have chicken a week.... I'm waiting... being that we are Hispanic around here yeah that means we eat it ALLOT. Hey it's cheap and easy to make and when your on a budget but sometimes you have to get creative.

Bare w/me as I cook from memory unless I am going to throw down and actually go and take the time to follow a recipe but usually 9 out of 10 times it's memory kind of cooking for me.

So tonight I'm about to make a recipe that I got the idea from +Skinnytaste  she of course has AWEEEESOME recipes that I SUPER love.

She has this AMAZING Asian Grilled Chicken recipe that we love here, but right now I'm missing a couple of ingredients and this is when my mind goes into budget frugal cook w/what you got chef.

This is what you'll need :

  • your choice of chicken (today I am using drumsticks -on SALE baby!) I use wings as well they come out just as yummy.
  •  ketchup- yes I'm using Ketchup! ( Just 2 tablespoons don't freak out) 
  •  olive oil (2 tablespoons)
  • garlic powder - A pinch or two of it (or if you want a minced garlic clove)  
  • soy sauce ( 1/2 cup)
  • honey (1 cup)
  • 9x12 pan ( I keep a stash of these when I'm in a hurry..ok,ok and don't want to wash more dishes then I have to  after dinner there I said it! )
Now your going to mix everything but the chicken together to create a marinate. After you marinate mix it into your chicken. I like to do this early in the AM and than put it in the fridge till I am ready to make it.  If you are in a hurry you can cook it once you have done mixing as well but I find it gives the chicken an extra little flavor kick if you do this. 

Take your chicken into a 375 degree oven for an hr you could check your oven at 45 mins. to see if you see some yummy caramelized goodness if so take it out AND ENJOY!

 My family will have this w/yellow rice & beans and a salad. If you try it please let me know. Do you have any super easy recipes that your family loves? I'd love to hear them!

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