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Fall Bucketlist

Have you thought of the adventures you'd like to cross off your list this Fall? For the Summer the kids & I made up lists to see if we could complete them. So of course we had to do it again for Fall.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. not only does it mean my birthday (YAY) but also it's when it starts to get cooler but not too cold that we have to really bundle up completely.

Today I'll share what I put on my list:

1- Knit 2 Scarfs

You see it seems when the chilly weather comes around I get the fever to knit..NOW the question is do I ever finish...GUILTY.. Nope I always end up giving it to my mom to finish up my project!  

This year I am determined to finish them! I am trying to make the girls these scarfs I saw. So far so good...I've gotten this far with the first one :

I've found if I knit in bed I get pretty far along so that will be my plan.  I hope to be done before mid. October so I best get to knitting huh! 

2 Take a Scroll  in Central Park 

There is nothing like seeing all the colors walking through the park and finding piles to jump through.. YES even at my age but I'll bring my kids so they can have fun too! 

3- Go Through Corn Zone

So the last I remember going through one I was in my teens! Although years have passed and I have said I would go through one I haven't. The saddest thing about this is that my kids have NEVER gone through one! I KNOW HORRIBLE so I must remedy this ASAP.

4. Pumpkin Picking

This is an annual tradition and last year we actually weren't able to go because Isy was too little and we since she is a preemie we didn't feel comfortable having her out there being she was so tiny But this year we are OVER the moon she is healthy Praise God and we she is walking so HOW fun will that be to see her and her siblings getting their pumpkins! 

5. Bake Pies!

I want to make more apple pies (trying new recipes),pumpkin pies, pecan pies and any other pies I find on pinterest. I look forward to baking w/my Littles they have become such good helpers in the kitchen. 

Fall is so wonderful,brings such amazing memories I love everything it brings. The start of the Holidays were we really take the time to focus and cherish what we are thankful for and remembering to take the time to enjoy family time even that much more is something I love. 

This year I am looking forward to gathering and loving every minute of seeing my kids enjoy it... I'm actually looking forward to all the busy and the big rush that it becomes but I wouldn't forget to pause and take it all in.

What are you looking forward to enjoying this Fall? 

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